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Jamaica's 12 most Reliable Computer Room Installation and Equipment services

Jamaica's 12 most Reliable Computer Room Installation and Equipment services photo jamaica

Design and construct a computer room filled with all the devices you need using the best service possible. Here's a list of Jamaica's 12 most Reliable Computer Room Installation and Equipment services. Can't find the Computer Room Installation and Equipment service you're looking for? Ask us and we'll find them for you.

Accupower Ja Ltd

876-754-1960    ⚐ 4A Eastwood Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Accupower Jamaica Ltd is your source for accurate power Solutions. We are the premier distributors of the world's number one Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) maintenance-free rechargeable battery. Our company carries leading brands such as GE, APC, CS3, and LINKBASIC.

We supply Surge Protectors, UPSs, Voltage Regulators, DC Power Plants, etc. We offer site integration and evaluation and power analysis and structured cabling.

Our products are revered for their legendary reliability, the cornerstone on which our company was founded.

CB Cabling Technologies Ltd

876-906-3284    ⚐ 24 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica

CB Cabling Technologies Limited (formerly CB Cabling Ltd.) has been established since 2004, however our team has over 10 years' experience in the networking industry.

Our core products and services are: providing our clients with sound end-to-end solutions in the area of structured cabling

voice and data, fibre-optic solutions, design and construction of server rooms and the installation, distribution and servicing of uninterrupted power supply (UPS). With our electrical background and telecommunications base we have segued into our security system offerings.

Cablepro Data Servs Ltd

876-939-3852    ⚐ Passage Fort Gregory Park Post Office Portmore St. Catherine

Established in June 2002, Cable Pro Data Services Limited had identified the need for an organisation to be fully equipped to meet the demand of any network infrastructure.

Over the years, we have proved our ability to provide services to solve network physical infrastructural issues. We install and maintain sensitive electrical/electronic network communication for businesses of all sizes.

We are well-known for our dedicated team of professionals and we are ready to deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

Cyber-X Consultants Ltd

876-922-6536    ⚐ 8 Kensington Ave (4)

Cyber-X Consultants Limited is truly a customer centric organization. Cyber X Consultants Ltd repairs Out-Of-Warranty Systems. Cyber-X Consultants Limited integrates products and myriad array of services to create customized solutions allowing the customers to undertake technology-based business transformations in dynamic digital business environment. Cyber-X Consultants Limited provides complete I.T. solution for current and future business needs.

Desktop Solutions Ltd

876-478-5631    ⚐ 19 Red Hills Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Desktop Solutions Ltd. stocks laptops, computers, software, printers, adapters, scanners, wireless routers and other computer accessories. Our products are your favourite brand names, inclusive of Toshiba, Dell, Canon, HP, Samsung, Sony, among others. We take special orders and conduct repairs and free diagnostic checks.

Diginet Jamaica Ltd

876-929-3444    ⚐ 18 Kingslyn Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Diginet Jamaica is a local Network/IT Infrastructure distributor operator and providing products for wiring and communication applications such as Structured Cabling, Networking and Telephony. The company has been in operation for the past nine years delivering quality solutions to the Jamaican market. The company also offers maintenance contracts on all existing cabling systems, large or small, HiPath communication servers and Personal Computers. While we provide support and professional services to our Customer base, our core business incorporates the sales and distribution of copper, fibre optics, enclosures and data network components.

Our products are carefully chosen to meet the demands of the Jamaican market. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers always have access to the 200 products warehoused. In addition, our store allows for the perusal of items.

All our products meet/exceed the TIA/EIA standards and have been manufactured under the ISO 9001 standards. Manufacturer warranty applies to all products, excluding extruded metal or aluminium items.

Electronic Power Solutions Ltd (EPSOL)

876-754-1719    ⚐ 50 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Electronic Power Solutions Limited (EPSOL) is at the heart of power quality.

We are recognised as one of the leading power solution companies in Jamaica.

Our products include Toshiba computers, variable speed drives, soft starters, power factor correction banks, Minuteman UPS systems, and lightning protection systems.

Gormann Corp Ltd

876-929-1740    ⚐ 3 North Av (5)

Call or come into to Gormann Corporation Limited today for power protection, computer environment, solar and alternate energy systems. We stock DC plants, UPS systems, access/raised floors, process coolers and surge protectors. You may also contact us for data cabling, computer room design and construction.

Island Maintenance Services

876-908-0893    ⚐ 34 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Kingston

Island Maintenance specializes in The Installation and Testing

of various sizes and brands of UPS systems, Repairs and

Diagnostics of various sizes of UPS, Preventative Maintenance

Modern Power & Cooling Technology Ltd

876-754-3176    ⚐ 44 Dumbarton Avenue Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Modern Power & Cooling Technology (MPCT) is one of Jamaica's leading suppliers of computer support systems, featuring a full line of power conditioning equipment, UPS systems, DC power plants, site monitoring and control systems and precision air conditioning solutions representing prestigious companies such as APC, Stulz and Polargy Inc. Haze and Linkbasic Systems.

Our Core Business - Supply and support of a wide range computer support systems, including conditioning equipment, UPS systems, DC power plants, site monitoring and control systems and precision air conditioning solutions. We are proud to serve our customers, and stand firmly to our motto – service without compromise.

We Serve:


876-908-0198    ⚐ 17 Carvalho Drive Kingston 10 Jamaica

Customer Service to Blue Chip Companies

Excellent Track Record For Response Team

Reliable-24 Hours Service

Product Solution Ltd

876-908-0657    ⚐ 6 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Product Solution Ltd supplies all types of batteries for appliances electronics and vehicles and so much more. The names you know and trust like genesis, power and data safe etc. We guarantee that we have what you need to recharge and keep going with the broadest range of flood batteries, industry standard size, 100% capacity pure lead solutions.