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Here are 58 Genuine Automobile Repairing Services in Jamaica

Restore your car back to its original quality using the correct repairing skills and parts. Here's our list of 58 Genuine Automobile Repairing services in Parishes like St Ann, St James and more in Jamaica. Can't find the Automobile Repairing Service you want? No need to worry ask us and we'll find them for you

AJ's Auto Electronic & Electrical Parts

876-968-7685    ⚐ 41 Hagley Park Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

For over 10 years, AJ's Auto Electronic & Electrical Parts has been supplying Kingston and surrounding parishes a wide variety of auto electronics and electrical parts.

We are also suppliers and rebuilders of new and used starters and alternators. Additionally, we remove, repair and replace alternator and starter motors.

At AJ's we stock range of products that include fan motors, fuel pumps, electronic distributors, ignition coils, ignition modules, oxygen sensors, air flow meters, starter gears, crank sensors, rectifier plates, starter motors, fan motors and motor voltage regulator.

Auto Diagnostic Scan

876-456-3504    ⚐ Mobile Falmouth Trelawny

great place to do business fast and reliable mobile diagnostic service on all makenand model vehicles

Auto Maintenance Ltd

876-929-3600    ⚐ 15 St James Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Auto Maintenance Limited has been serving Jamaica with body repair and maintenance services since 1986.

We are a family owned and operated business. Our goal is to ensure that our client's vehicle will be repaired correctly the first time around.

Our service facilities house the latest equipment and our certified technicians are efficient at handling your automobile needs.

Auto Traders

876-978-5260    ⚐ 102 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

Auto Traders offers the latest in car audio, electronic lighting, truck accessories and more. We are

factory-authorised dealers known for providing quality products at competitive prices.

As Jamaica's leading auto boutique, we specialise in automotive accessories, cosmetic upgrades

Bert's Auto Parts Ltd

876-618-2378    ⚐ 72 Molynes Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Established in 1988, Bert's Auto Parts has been recognized as one of the leading Auto Parts dealers and retailers in Jamaica. Our success is based on the emphasis we place on satisfying our customers through researching and forecasting current and future demand for auto parts. Our recruiting and training programs also provide qualified savvy employees whose focus is to use their technical expertise to add value to each customer's shopping experience

Cecil's Auto Parts and Services Ltd

876-952-0708    ⚐ 1-3 Fish Lane Montego Bay St. James

At Cecil's Auto Services Ltd., we are equipped with the most modern and current diagnostic equipment to accurately determine your vehicle's engine issues.

We offer new and used auto parts and lubricants.

We are equipped with the most modern and current diagnostic equipment to accurately determine your vehicle's engine issues.

Chai's Auto Service

876-952-1007    ⚐ 11 Lower Bevin Avenue Montego Bay St. James

JUST think about the number of times a motor vehicle has, out of nowhere, switched into your lane without so much as a warning, or an animal has run in front of your vehicle and you had to jam the brakes to prevent a collision.

Chances are you have had more experiences than you would like to remember ? and that is fine

what you should never forget is just how essential a well maintained braking system is to your safety. your braking system has been compromised, Chais Auto knows there are a number of indicators that can present, which means you might need to get your brake system inspected and break pad and break shoes repaired.

Chrome Motor

876-906-2555    ⚐ 7 Retirement Road, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Chrome Motor is the new standard in auto care and repair and should be your number one choice for automobile fleet management. Chrome Motor takes pride in offering our customers the highest quality service and safety. Our large auto repair and sales facility enables us to provide full coverage of sales, auto repair, and maintenance services. We are equipped with eight service bays and a crew of certified technicians, including master technicians, expert service writing staff, full-time tyre and alignment specialists and office staff. We are one of the approved auto repair shops certified by the National Works Agency (NWA) and the Trade Board.

Chrome Motor also has motor insurance which covers damage to vehicles in our possession. We have a secure property with 24-hour security, surveillance and intrusion detection so you can leave your vehicles with us worry-free. Chrome motor is equipped with the latest special tools and equipment to undertake service and maintenance of your vehicle. 24-hour service also allows you to drop off or pick up vehicles outside of working hours. You have access to our facilities to inspect vehicles while they are being serviced during working hours.

Additionally, we provide service scheduling and follow up with you to ensure timely servicing of vehicles. Our service centre is conveniently located in the central business district of the Kingston Metropolitan Region which allows for the quick pickup and delivery of your vehicles both for and after service. Several of Jamaica's biggest companies and organisations trust Chrome Motor for their fleet maintenance.

Continental Garage Ltd

876-926-2278    ⚐ 8 Lismore Av Kgn 5

Continental Garage Limited (CGL) was founded by Antonio and Marietta Rizza in 1962.

Over the years, the company quickly developed a reputation as a first-class automobile repair specialist, renowned for servicing European brands.

We offer repair and service for any make and model vehicle, and we continue to provide first-class service to both OPEL and BMW cars.

Crystal Vehicle Sales Ltd

876-920-5030    ⚐ 48 Hagley Park Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Crystal Vehicle Sales Ltd is a certified Used Car Dealer, and specialises in Honda, Toyota & Nissan. We are definitely your choice for the best used cars and buses at very competitive prices. We offer the following services: 20% Duty Concession Source Parts (New & Used), Our vehicles are serviced prior to delivery and we offer a ninety day warranty. Financing is also available Importers of quality used cars & buses at very competitive prices.

D & B Bowla's Auto Supplies Ltd

876-968-9781    ⚐ 46 Studio One Boulevard, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Come to D & B Bowla's Auto Supplies and D & B Auto Repairs for the ultimate BMW Experience.

D & B Bowla's Auto Supplies Ltd, a name synonymous with BMW Care, is a family owned business with over 30 years professional experience.

We Specialise in and stock a wide range of BMW parts & accessories, both new and used, for the oldest to the newest BMW. We do special orders for left hand and right hand drive BMWs. We also do general repair & servicing to all make cars.

Delmarr Enterprises Ltd

876-923-4049    ⚐ 116 Waltham Park Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Delmarr Enterprises Ltd is conveniently located at 116 Waltham Park Road, a stone's throw away from the intersection of Waltham Park Road and Molynes Road.

We have been around for over 30 years, and our name is synonymous with quality customer service and a wide selection of automotive and industrial lubricants.

We are a one-stop-shop that offers express services such as 15-minute oil change, 30 minutes cleaning of transmission, injectors, power steering, cooling system and engine flush while you relax in the comfort of our waiting area. Refreshments are also available for sale for your added convenience.

Dennis Automotive Ltd

876-929-6271    ⚐ 20 Kew Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Dennis Automotive Ltd is committed to delivering excellent customer service through distribution of auto parts for Volvo Motor Vehicles. We also take special orders. Parts are sourced and delivered within 4 working days or less. Volvo Car Corporation the Swedish based car Company, has appointed Dennis Automotive Ltd as the official parts and services dealer for their brand in Jamaica. In addition to the Volvo parts Dealership they are Jamaican, German and Canadian trained and experienced. For a professional, personalized service and repair to your vehicle visit Dennis Automotive.

Dexterity Tech (Ja) Ltd

876-952-1850    ⚐ Bogue Industrial East Montego Bay St. James

Dexterity Tech (Jamaica) Ltd. specializes in repairs and servicing of European, American and Japanese vehicles. We specialize in general servicing mechanical and electrical repairs air conditioning, computerized system among others.

Everett Fenton's Garage Ltd

876-946-2600    ⚐ 65 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

At Everett Fenton's Garage, we refurbish and restore your car. We offer a full range of parts and services

for all motor vehicles. We provide personalised treatment, executive pick-up and delivery of vehicle or

personnel, and a flatbed wrecker service. We will tackle any task, from a simple auto-detailing, which

Fidelity Motors Ltd

876-948-5459    ⚐ 5-18 Hanover Street, Kingston CSO, Jamaica

When you think of Nissan, the first things that probably come to mind are high-performance vehicles designed with you in mind (and if they do not, they should). But there is much more to Nissan than what you can experience in a driver's seat.

Call us zealous, even overzealous, but at Nissan, we know that settling for just any solution is just that. Settling. It's also the fastest way to go from being an automotive company fuelled by imagination to just another automotive company, period. That's why we think beyond the answer. And ask. Because only through this process of constant challenge can real change occur. One question at a time.

Note: Only the Parts Department is open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm

Fleetmaster Truck Parts Ltd

876-901-0038    ⚐ 315 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11, Kingston

Fleetmaster Truck Parts Ltd. offers a complete line of truck products backed by our well-trained technicians and industry knowledge. We represent a wide range of brands and are distributors for the following:

-Alliant Power


G S Trucking Co Ltd

876-968-3990    ⚐ 17 1/2 Kew Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

We are in the business of ensuring that your haul gets to its

destination safely and on time. Our client’s satisfaction is

our priority and we traverse the length and breadth of Jamaica.

Glen & Son's

876-974-9200    ⚐ 88 Main Street Ocho Rios St. Ann

Glen & Son's Used Auto Parts Limited is located in the heart of Ocho Rios, St. Ann. We are experts in used parts and used cars. We carry up used cars, SUVs and buses up to 5 year old. We carry trusted brands such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan. We also carry luxury vehicles in those lines as well as BWM. We are known as the go to car mart for taxis and small cars.

We offer 3 months warranty and will do special orders for you. Call our visit our office today and speak with one of our experienced and professional representatives.

Hamilton's Industrial Machine Shop

876-979-7610    ⚐ Marian Way, Montego Bay, St. James

Hamilton's Industrial Machine Shop has been in operations since 1994 and has consistently strived to bring the best of mechanical manufacturing technology to Jamaica. Hamilton's Industrial Machine Shop offers a wide range of services to a wide cross-section of industries. Services such as Crankshaft straightening, rebuilding and regrinding, engine repairs and much more.

Hamilton's Industrial Machine Shop is proud to be the first to offer CNC Machining services to the public.

Our crankshaft rebuilding capabilities are among the best in the world.

Hencar Auto Spares & Repairs

876-986-2035    ⚐ 15A Howard Avenue May Pen Clarendon

Hencar Auto Spares & Repairs is a long-standing company known for its full-service repair, maintenance, and work detailing.

With our expert staff, we aim to meet all our customers' service needs. Our team is committed to providing customer service that highlights the difference between an average experience and a great one. We meet our customers' automotive needs with honesty, integrity, high-quality work and personal care.

Hencar Auto Spares & Repairs continues to grow and stay current with the most up-to-date

Jam Radiator Store

876-979-6495    ⚐ Great River (Near Hopewell) Hanover

Jam Radiator is the leading provider of wholesale and retail radiator parts and repairs in Montego Bay and its environs.

We supply radiators parts for all vehicles. Jam Radiator carries new and used radiators, a large variety of plastic tanks (fixed or replaced), all-metal radiators, and radiator plastic tops for all vehicles. We also offer radiator repairs, recoring, rodout for cars, trucks, and buses, as well as gas tank cleaning and repairs. Our staff is highly trained to offer service that is second to none from our two locations at Cottage Road, Montego Bay and Great River, near Hopewell.

Make us your choice. You will be glad you did.

Jamaica Turbo Repair Servs Ltd

876-978-7227    ⚐ 230 Mountain View Avenue, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

Jamaica Turbo Repair Services (JTRS) will provide an opportunity for savings on each turbo unit repaired or purchased. In the Caribbean, it is common for people who use turbo accessories and turbo engines to require trained technicians in the United States or in England for repairs and upgrades, which can be very expensive. The average market cost to repair a turbo, depending on size, ranges from $170,000 to $350,000. Why pay shipping and handling twice and wait for weeks?

We have knowledge of turbo units and experience repairing them. Our suppliers have mastered the art of designing and manufacturing auto parts, and accessories, through advanced technology. Consequently, the products are efficient, effective and durable.

At the JTRS, we use genuine parts at affordable prices for all repair jobs. The company will not compromise on quality and durability for aftermarket or low-grade parts and accessories. We are able to maintain our service standard and level of supply through an ongoing arrangement with the best suppliers, who are ready to fill our orders and offer substantial discounts, which are passed down to our customers.

Leroy's Auto Repairs

876-952-8368    ⚐ 7 Tate Street Montego Bay St. James

Regular servicing of your car is an important part of being an owner of car. We depend so much on travelling from one place to another. When the unwanted things happen and if car breaks down, it often ruins that time. Servicing a car regularly does not assure certain failure but it will certainly help to reduce the intensity of loss. Taking your car to a service centre may be a time consuming process, but it's important. Always use Leroy's Auto Repairs to get car service wherever you are. Check Leroy's Auto some of the best and unique features which are designed to make your life easier. Remember regular servicing of car will prevent you from generating some large amount of bill in future.

Leroy's Auto repair and service Centre is trusted Centre in Montego bay for over 30 years why wait we are here to serve with utmost quality service. It's important to note that we repair all make damage vehicles from high end to low end vehicles

Lewis's Auto Body Repairs

876-962-9839    ⚐ 5 Wesley Road Mandeville Manchester

Lewis's Auto Body Repairs will ‘go the extra mile’ in conducting insurance estimate and repairs

body repairs

and motor vehicle servicing. We guarantee effective and proficient service.

Lindo Haulage & Wrecking Servs

876-923-5743    ⚐ 44C Waltham Pk Rd (11)

Lindo Haulage & Wrecking Services is supported by some of the industry's best professionals, We are ready to serve all of your haulage needs. Our service is available 24hrs each day for 7 days per week. We service customer's Island wide.

If you need to move something big or a large number of smaller items over a large distance, then a specialized company might be what you need. Road haulage is an industry in itself, drivers work either independently or via agents and freight carriers to move loads that are too big and heavy for vans or other transport vehicles.

Lindos Haulage is also widely used internally by large corporations to transport large amounts of goods within their supply chains, often on pallets or in containers.

M A C K Ltd

876-926-8337    ⚐ 20 Osbourne Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

MACK Limited has been operating for over 40 years, specialising in wheel alignment and complete brake servicing including skimming of disc rotors and refacing of brake pads.

We offer rim repairs wheel alignment and wheel balancing, and brake and shock testing. We also have a machine shop that offers a variety of services to our customers.

If your rims need repairing or you need refurbishing work done, come and see us.

McTech Auto Ltd

876-906-1551    ⚐ 58 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

McTech Auto Ltd. specializes in repairs and servicing of motor vehicles. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who aim to perform the job at the optimal level and cater to total care for your motor vehicle.

Mic Auto And Wheel Alignment

876-960-4205    ⚐ 33 Lyndhurst Road Kingston 5 Jamaica

Mic's Wheel Alignment & Balancing popularly known as Mikes Wheel Alignment began in 1998. The focus then was primarily on providing wheel alignment and balancing services for motor vehicles. As the business grew customer began to request additional services, and so Mic sought to meet those needs. In 2015 the business name changed to Mic Auto And Wheel Alignment to allow for one stop shop to meet their customer's needs. Mic's now offer a wide range of mechanical and automotive services for all make and models motor vehicles. Our chief mechanic has over 36 years experience, and our team have 7 mechanics all trained at JAGAS, and each with over 5 years experience. Visit us today for personalized, high-class service. Our train and professional team is waiting to serve you.

MoBay Service Centre

876-952-2819    ⚐ 3 Bogue Industrial Estate Montego Bay St. James

If you are looking for a professional team of technicians who offer quality automotive services at realistic prices, you should visit us at the Mo-Bay Service Centre (Team M-Bay Racing). As a locally owned and operated family business, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, clear communication and competitive pricing. You will find us conveniently located opposite the Tyre Warehouse, at 3 Bogue Industrial Estate, Montego Bay.

Mo-Bay Service Centre have has been providing professional and top class automotive services for over 20 years to the Western Jamaica and the rest of the island. From the best in general servicing, mechanical repairs, auto body repairs & spraying to a comprehensive range of specialist automotive services, we at Mo-Bay Service Centre are the experts. Whatever make or model you drive, our highly experienced technicians can take care of it using the very latest electronic diagnostic equipment and repair methods. What are you waiting for? Bring your vehicle to us to have quality dealership service done, without the dealership price!

Muffler Specialists Ltd

876-926-8489    ⚐ 2 Lismore Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Muffler Specialists Limited, located at 2 Lismore Avenue, just above the buzz of Cross Roads, is arguably the leader of the muffler manufacturing industry in Jamaica. Ultimately, they aim to take this position in the Caribbean. In a time when small businesses are floundering (some of which has gone under) in the sea of harsh economic challenges, the family owned business had managed to keep its head firmly above the waters and has grown from strength to strength, expanding and improving its product line.

Today, it manufactures 90% of the products it sells. Muffler Specialists main operation is focused on the manufacturing and installation of a wide range of muffler and exhaust systems for all types of motor vehicles and generating units. However, operations have been diversified to include other services such repairing and re-spraying of motor vehicles and manufacturing of grills for private and commercial properties.

NAPA Eskimo Auto Care Cen

876-940-4141    ⚐ 1 McCatty Street Montego Bay St. James

For over 35 years, NAPA Eskimo Auto Care Centre has been equipped with the finest quality computerised equipment such as diagnostic machines, hydraulic lifts, air tools and other items.

We are focused on efficiency to provide one-stop automotive repairs, parts and service at a competitive price while guaranteeing the best customer satisfaction. We have state-of-the-art computerised equipment for all diagnostic testing including preventative maintenance.

Oxford Service Centre Ltd

876-946-1836    ⚐ 94L Old Hope Road, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Oxford Service Centre began over 70 years ago out of a gas station on Oxford Road in Kingston Jamaica. Back then we offered limited services to a handful of clients. Based on the quality of service provided, and the demands of our clients, the business grew to become what it is today.

We are no longer a gas station, but a full services provider offering a wide range of automobile services. We have developed a solid reputation over the past 70 years based on the quality of our services, and the experience and expertise of our team.

We take care or your fleet of vehicles and cater to the individual as well. Visit or call us today for any of our range of services, from general servicing, to collision estimates, to auto-body repairs. We supply, install and repair car alarms.

Pat's Car Rental

876-918-0431    ⚐ 5 Lewis Street Savanna-la-mar Christ Church

Pat’s Car Rental Jamaica began operating on 24 July 1995. Since then we’ve strived to fulfil our motto of: “going the extra mile”.

The company has grown significantly with a wide range of vehicles including SUVs and a BMW X1. With us you can travel in comfort and style. We are committed to providing customers with quality and reliable service. We’ve also proven to be effective and efficient in our services. Our personnel are trained to tend to the changing needs of our clients, therefore resulting in our high rate of returning clients.

You can also get a complimentary use of a cell phone during your car rental. There is a USD $30 refundable deposit required to use a phone with your rental.


876-754-5150    ⚐ Shop 9, 18 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Plastico does Bodywork and Duco, specialising in plastics. We weld plastic car bumpers, dashboards, radiators, mirrors and water tanks. If you're driving around with a damaged car bumper, you don't have to! There's no reason to treat your beloved car in that way, when PLASTICO exists.

Subjecting your vehicle to ridicule because of the a tear in its otherwise beautifully painted bumper is not pretty. Sometimes, just a minor accident can result in a damaged bumper. You may be lucky and you can get away with just sanding and painting the damaged area, but an impact as low speed as 15 mph is more than enough to give a big tear into your bumper, resulting in unsightly damage that you don't have to live with. If you want it to be perfect, take it to the professionals and let them repair it!

No matter the damage, if its Plastic, PLASTICO can fix it....

Power Steering Specialty

876-906-1637    ⚐ 124 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, St. Andrew

Power Steering Specialty offers a full service experience from repairing all power components and removal and installation. Power Steering repairs Rack and Pinion, Steering Box, Power Steering Pump and Power Steering Hoses. Power Steering Specialty has a wide range of specialised testing equipments to test the components. Power Steering Specialty has a specialised team of mechanics that can remove and reinstall your worn components.

Quarrie's Auto Sales & Accessories Ltd

876-940-7549    ⚐ 40 McCatty Street Montego Bay St. James

With over 20 years of experience in the auto parts industry, Quarrie's Auto is one the leading suppliers of new genuine and non-genuine parts for Toyota and Nissan vehicles in Montego Bay.

Our excellent customer service and quality parts are unmatched as we stand by our motto: "Quality First, Service Always!"

Call us today so that we can help you find the parts you need to keep your vehicle to keep it in good working condition.

Radiator Place Ltd

876-925-8864    ⚐ 78 C Spring Rd (10)

Radiator Place Ltd has been Jamaica's choice for over 50 years for radiator installations and repairs. If it needs to be rebuilt, resealed or recored, then the professionals at Radiator Place Ltd is the right persons for the job. We also offer free estimates and no inspection charges to all our customers.

Richards Auto Repairs

876-962-1888    ⚐ Nashville Sub-Div Mdvl

Richards Auto Repairs provides auto repairs and rebuild engine, engine repairs and services.

Rubis Energy Jamaica Ltd

876-928-7301    ⚐ Rockfort, Kingston 2, St. Andrew

RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited (RUBiS), led by Managing Director, Alain Carreau with head offices at 236 Windward Road, Kingston, manages a network of over 50 service stations across Jamaica, serving retail, commercial and industrial customers alike.

RUBiS is an international company specialising in the distribution and marketing of petroleum and chemicals products. RUBiS operates in 17 territories across the Caribbean, with Jamaica being the largest single entity and the largest privately-owned fuel storage facility.

We are dedicated to building and developing our brand within Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. A brand that affords customers the industry's most cutting-edge and reliable products.

S & J Auto Spare & Repair Co Ltd

876-930-4010    ⚐ 36 Upper Elleston Road, Kingston 16, St. Andrew

With over 22 years of experience in the auto industry, S&J Auto Spare & Repairs Co Ltd provides the highest quality in repair and servicing.

We cater to all Nissan®, Toyota®, Honda®, Mitsubishi® and Daihatsu® motor vehicles.

Our stock of Dunlop® tyres is sure to please all motorists, as we carry all sizes.

Salem Car Rental

876-973-4167    ⚐ Salem RnBy

Located in the resort town of Runaway Bay, Salem Car Rental is a family owned business providing reliable Japanese motor vehicles for rentals. Our rental rates are competitive and will suit any pocket. Working with the Seacrest Beach Hotel, we also provide special vacation packages for all our customers.

Service Pro

876-758-3875    ⚐ 14 1/2 Cassia Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Heading 1 At Service Pro, we are dedicated to professionalism.

Our team consists of automobile technicians who are honest, knowledgeable, and highly experienced.

We will give you quick and accurate estimates, a clear explanation on the needs of your vehicle, and service you can rely on.

Sheldon's Auto Parts Ltd

876-920-9170    ⚐ 1 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Sheldon's Auto Parts Ltd stocks all the parts you need for your car.

We carry new parts for cars, SUVs and trucks as well as used parts. Sheldon's Auto Parts Ltd supplies parts for Hyundai, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Geo Metro, Honda, and Suzuki. Shocks and struts, fan belts, front end parts, brake parts, air filters, water pumps, clutch discs and pressure plates, radiators, CV boots, auto body parts, and sensors, you'll find it all in our store.

If you need something and we don't have it, we can source it for you with our special order service for hard to get parts. We work with our mechanics to ensure that we supply only the correct parts.

Shippy's Auto Centre

876-974-4680    ⚐ 5 Milford Rd Ocho

Serving Ocho Rios and environs, Shippy’s Auto Centre provides expert auto services. Our expert team will prepare estimates and engineer reports to make being a motor vehicle owner that much easier. We are specialists in mechanical repairs and body work to make your car look and operate better. Our list of services also includes duco work, wheel alignment and balancing.

Stuttgart Auto Repairs

876-960-8750    ⚐ 18 Studio One Boulevard, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

With factory trained mechanics & technicians, Stuttgart Auto Repairs is fully equipped to provide high speed balancing, front end repairs, body repairs and restoration, general servicing, diagnostics, automotive painting / spraying and wrecker service.

As a full service care centre, we stock and source all genuine parts, filters and lubricants. Through our wrecker service and as members of the Jamaica Automobile Association , we also provide emergency and roadside assistance.

Stuttgart Auto Repairs is your Mercedes Benz Specialist.

Superior Parts Ltd

876-829-0972    ⚐ 13 West Kings Street Old Harbour St. Catherine

Superior Parts Limited was founded in 1995 by current CEO and Managing Director Mr. Derrick Johnson, on a unique blend of passion for the car industry in Jamaica and a desire to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.

The company, through its dynamic director and a strong team of professionals, has evolved tremendously. Today, Superior Parts is a certified used car dealer supplying quality new(genuine & non-genuine) and used Honda parts to Jamaica and other caribbean countries. Our first class service center provides full scale diagnostic tests, body and mechanical repairs.


T & L Transmission Specialist Ltd

876-758-3978    ⚐ 18 Churchill Avenue Kingston 10 St. Andrew

TT & L Transmission Specialist Limited is Jamaica's leading automatic transmission parts and service specialist. We are a family owed business with over 27 years in the industry.

Our services include transmission repairs, transmission fluid flush, and servicing automatic transmission for all vehicles. Our certified technicians can handle your vehicle's transmission problems, no matter how big or small. We also do special orders on transmission parts for all models.

At T & L Transmission Specialist Limited, we take pride in what we do.

Thenstead Garage & Service

876-924-9769    ⚐ 5 Geffrard Place

We are in the business of providing speedy and thorough septic services. Adolph's Cesspool cleaning performs sewage, drainage and grease trap clearance throughout the corporate area.

Tony's Auto Parts Ltd

876-968-7392    ⚐ 38 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Tony's Auto Parts Ltd has been established for over 28 years. We are recognised as one of the leading auto parts dealers and retailers in Jamaica.

Our success is based on the emphasis we place on satisfying our customers through researching and forecasting current and future demand for auto parts. We supply a wide range of genuine Japanese spare parts and accessories, truck and pickup parts and accessories for Isuzu trucks, Troopers, D-Max pickup, Mitsubishi, Canter, Toyota Dyna and Pajero. Additionally, we do special orders for hard-to-get parts for Isuzu, Dyna and Mitsubishi.

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Transport and Mining Min Of

876-754-1900    ⚐ 138H Maxfield Avenue Kingston 10 Jamaica

The transport sector land, air and maritime - represents a critical component of any country in its impact on national development. One of the most fundamental attributes of the sector is the ability to move persons, goods and services between spatial locations at the local, regional and international levels.

The efficient management of the sector can provide tremendous economic and social gains to a country through indirect and direct employment as well as induced development, which ultimately leads to wealth creation and growth. The mission of the Transport portfolio of the Ministry is to provide safe and sustainable transport systems for the movement of people and goods. This is to be undertaken in the three modes of transportation, these being, land, sea and air.

Against this background, the Ministry will strive for equal access to transport for all

Trinjam Auto Hub Ltd

876-745-3849    ⚐ 20 South St OlHb

TrinJam Auto Parts & Accessories Ltd is located in Old Harbour, St. Catherine and was incorporated in 2006. We specialise in Genuine Used Parts for Toyota, Honda, Nissan & Mit subishi. We Stock a wide range of Engines, Transmissions, Gear Boxes, Suspensions & Body Parts.

We also stock a wide variety of Car Accessories, Mag Rims, Car Audio and other New Parts for brands such as KYB, Triple 555, Ichiban, Shibumi, NPC and Denso which covers front end parts & service parts.

TrinJam Auto Parts Accessories Ltd is the only authorised distributor for Super S lubricants and products both wholesale and retail and we deliver island-wide.

Tyre Zone Auto Parts

876-755-2244    ⚐ Cellular, Kingston 20, St. Andrew

Tyre Zone Auto Parts stocks parts for various motor vehicles. We also stock a wide assortment of lubricants and conduct wheel alignment services.

Ultimate Automotive

876-923-7714    ⚐ 3 Leamington Avenue, Kingston 11, St. Andrew

Ultimate Automotive offers complete repairs in:

Auto Body & Collision

'State of the art' Chassis Straightening

United Auto Service

876-625-3391    ⚐ 101B Manchester Rd Mdvl

United Auto Service specialises in Honda, Acura and all Japanese Cars. United Auto Service provides complete auto repair and factory specifications. United Auto Service possesses all required machines and tools to get the job done.

Vehicles & Supplies Ltd

876-929-9190    ⚐ 19 - 21 Carlton Crescent Kingston 10 Jamaica

Vehicles & Supplies Ltd. is a commercial vehicle dealer, such as: vans, buses and trucks. We offer complete motor vehicle services and stock auto parts.

Washington's Auto Ltd

876-667-7810    ⚐ Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20, Jamaica

Washington's Auto aims to be the leading supplier of genuine used auto parts throughout the island. We guarantee the best parts along with the best prices. We provide general repairs & maintenance on domestic and imported cars and provide specialized services. We always take our customer needs in mind, as we seek to deliver best automobile parts to the market, high quality, building superior customer value. We take pride in being your trusted automobile wholesale supplier, providing genuine Japanese parts is what we do. We ensure to keep customers brand choice in mind, as we deliver excellent service to those we serve. Whether you drive a Honda Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda, stop at Washington's Auto Limited-Providing quality Auto parts with you in mind.

Wynter's Auto Spares & Repairs Ltd

876-929-7040    ⚐ 106 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, St. Andrew

Wynters Auto Spares & Repairs Limited has been Jamaica's transmission specialist for over 40 years.

We offer new and used transmission parts and we can rebuild your transmission from the ground up to save the cost of replacing it.

We do special orders on transmission parts for all models, and we are the #1 specialist in Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Cars & Automobiles

From importing cars, manufacturing and building cars, repairing and finding parts for cars, explore our Cars section on Brawtalist..