Is your healthcare expensive or was I taken advantage of?

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Taken advantage first things first we have free Healthcare facilities it might be $ but never $$$ so whoever took you is either in on it or dumb never spend more than 1500 jmd or 3000 depending how ill you are


I was in Montego Bay on vacation in April. Got horrible food poisoning at resort. Could not keep anything down. Resort RN made me take an ambulance since there were not taxi’s available. Was told no more than $500. ER made me give a credit card before I was wheeled in. 2 bags of IV and some meds; $1200. Got home and received an ambulance bill for $3k. Driver did not give an IV or anything medical. Just sat in back with me. Opinions? Sounds like healthcare I’m the USA but even US could not get away with charging 3k for ambulance without medical intervention. Anyone have any advice?


That $3k bill you got is a scam. Somebody probably got your information and sent you the bill just in hopes that you’d pay it. Everything else might be tourist priced, but it is expensive. Don’t pay a dollar more and just take what you paid already as a loss. Jamaica has no real credit tracking system and wouldn’t be able to hold you accountable even if you were (which you aren’t).


They use a company in the states for billing. 🤦🏻‍♀️. So I am receiving notices that I will be sent to collections.

Thank you everyone for responding. I really appreciate it! Your country is beautiful (actually married my spouse in Jamaica in 1995) and I appreciate the hospitality l.

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