#hotels-and-resorts · 1 year ago

Favourite locally-owned hotels on Negril beach?

There are a lot of posts about the best all inclusives in Negril, but they're usually owned by international megacorporations (I believe Sunset at the Palms is a locally-owned AI, but please correct me if I'm mistaken.) Where are your favourite independent places to stay on the beach in Negril? The cliffs are cool too but I feel like there are more independent hotels there than on the beach. I'll start: Firefly Beach cottages! It's literally just a bed with barely enough room to put your suitcase, but to me it felt cozy and adventurous. The grounds are beautiful, the outdoor showers are a fun experience, and the staff are fantastic.


I’d consider Hide A While (aka Idle A While Cliffs). Your group might end up having the entire property to yourselves because it’s about 10 villas on the property. This one is one the cliffs rather than the beach however.



Well… we certainly weren’t very quiet when we stayed there (lol) and tbh Negril is so small. You have your peace and quiet there and walk down the beach to where the action is. I really don’t stay anywhere else. Either the small hotel on the beach, or the villas with large groups.