#dentist · 1 year ago

Dental care?

I’m trying to help my friend who has no money figure out how to access dental care. Are there any nonprofits in JA that offer services or dental schools that take on patient volunteers?


They can go to a public dental clinic, where basic care is free of charge.

You can look up dental clinics at the Ministry’s website or through the regional health authority’s website, depending on where this person lives in Jamaica.

It seems odd to me that this person doesn’t know this. Maybe he/she just want you to send money, perhaps for a private dentist.


The place to start will still be in the public health care system. It has serious limitations, but that’s the best free option to see a dentist who can advise on next steps, including what additional cost free options exist.


I think there was always the possibility of an opening at the Auxillary school..though I think all things are under pressure..now its still fairly easy to get looked at and after at a clinic but you need to be there at the right time plus you must have patience ..It depends on your location, how easy it is to get to the clinic and how they treat patients at these places..dental care can be very expensive..so we have to culture ourselves to get the care often and to try to save money in order to afford the right care..If we were a more organize people then more underprivileged person could get help for groups of jamaicans who would be willing to give back and share when able to..keep pushing