Coming to Jamaica next week and I have many questions.

What's up ya'll. I apologize in advance if this is a long post or if they're dumb questions. So I finally did it! I bookee everything last month my flight and Airbnb. Jamaica has been a dream trip of mine for a long time. I fly into Kingston on March 27th and I have an Airbnb in Hellshire Beach in Portmore! I have a couple of questions in advance. What is the best way to get good currency exchange without having to pay ridiculous fees when doing it. Also how does Uber operate in Jamaica? Is it just like everywhere else or is it different. Any advice is good! Thank you and bless up!

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Do not get currency at the airport. Get to a cambio with decent rates (maybe your driver or someone who knows the area can suggest this or just use google)

Uberjamaica has an app. Works just like the one in U.S. have a safe flight, have fun here and be careful. 😊😊


On another note OP - I hope you’re not traveling alone, Hellshire is not what it was. Isn’t really a true tourist spot - more for locals/ returnees and is not much of an attraction like it was say 10-15 years ago, pretty awful nowadays actually if you know what it was like before. Please also say you are staying in a gated Airbnb?

Traveling alone, I would always recommend Port Antonio, Mobay, Ochi or Negril and pay extra and stay in a resort especially as a solo traveler unless it’s a larger group, or gated community.

If you have family/ friends in Jamaica who can come and stay with you I would advise that’s what you do. Uber in Jamaica is not like Uber in the US as it’s via a third party and still in its infancy so just manage your expectations.

Advice from someone who is US based, has an Airbnb in Ochi and a family home on the island. As much as I love my country, I wouldn’t advise any solo traveler to rent an Airbnb in Portmore if not gated at all.


Yep. Just Google the conversion rate before you head to one so you roughly know how much you are withdrawing each time. Also let your bank know ahead of time that you will be in Jamaica so your card doesn’t get blocked.


OP you can order your currency via your bank in advance - you will get the best rates as long as you have enough time to have the money delivered.

Any other option expect to pay quite a bit of fees. FYI I always just use my debit card in a scotia bank ATM that accepts US/UK debit cards and never had any problem. Of course there are fees but again, if you haven’t had your currency delivered in advance of you leaving for Jamaica - the difference between bad fees and worse is minimal.


Hellshire is fine for an Airbnb, idk what these other folks are talking about. Just wait on your friend and follow their lead. Get currency at the cambios there are many around. Uber operates pretty much the same, they might be longer wait times than you’re used to. If you’re in portmore and need ppl to go to beach and stuff with holla at me and I’ll get some chicks together and we can hit the road on the weekends, if they’re available.


It was probably just a bad experience they had which happens at times. We all deal with something. I’m gonna try to explore Kingston as much as I can too. I’ll hit you up if my friend is okay with it bro! I think the only town or city I’ve been told to avoid is Spanish Town because I heard its easy to get pick pocketed there, but I heard downtown Kingston is too. I’ll definitely hit you up and see if my friends is okay with jt! Bless up!


Only select dual currency atms will accept a USD debit card and dispense JMD cash for you. There are a couple of these on New Kingston Knutsford boulevard. Other option is to carry some USD cash and get it converted at any of the cambios in the city. This would help you save on the card transaction charges.

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