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Car Rental in JA

Greetings! Making my way back to Jamaica for the first time in over 20 years. I used to visit Port Antonio quite a bit and stayed up in the hills Ochy way as well. Visiting with my wife and 10 year old son who have never been before so we’d like to do a little tour. Thinking of landing in Mo Bay and heading to Porty first, then Ochy then Negril. 3 days or so in each and trying to stay in Jamaican owned AirBnB’s etc. So, about the car. What’s the going rate for 10 days or so? Is it better to book beforehand? Who should I avoid? Will take any other tips you can pass on. Getting excited about this. One love from Canada.


Island, National, Enterprise above all been good with me. Think I might have used Hertz too.

Land in western Mobay and trying to pop into eastern Porti first thing sounds like a hike… There’s at least one night of sleep in there somewhere


Landing in Mo Bay, staying the night and grabbing rental car in the morning. Are you saying the drive to Port Antonio isn’t doable in one day? I used to take the Supa back in the day and even road my mountain bike from Mo Bay to Port Antonio once! (Over three days mind you. Mo Bay to Duncan’s Bay, then Duncan’s to Exchange near Ochy, then Ochy to PA)


If you’re staying the night, waking up fresh and early making the trip, then yes you could dedicate the day to that and make sure have somewhere lined up to crash when you get to Port Antonio.

Traveling to the airport, flying to JA, landing, getting a car and then trying to drive to Port Antonio same day is what I would advise against

If you can afford the night, it’s easier to pick up your car at the airport than going back for it in the morning, I think