Can I legally bring Cannabis seeds to Jamaica?

In 3 days I'll be going to Jamaica from the UK for the first time since I left in 2003. My brother will be joining me from Trinidad a few days after, and has asked me to bring some cannabis seeds. Does anyone know the law regarding this? I see it says about mailing but nothing about bring them on your person.

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Your going to JA and you want to bring seeds with you? To Jamaica? This makes zero sense to me for many reasons….1 being JA is like the capital of cannabis and even if you dont want random seeds from someone you can go to a legal dispensary in Kingston or Ochi and buy locally. 2 its illegal to transport any form of marijuana seeds included.


After watching strain hunters it makes perfect sense to bring some. Jamaica’s environment grows cannabis differently in a great way. So it’s like taking a good thing to a better place and making it a phenomenal thing. Jamaica would only have lambs breath and most wanted if Europeans didn’t introduce more strains to the island


I would argue - if you asking the question then post them. Personally I know this not to be an issue - either way. As for comments below - many I guess do not realise that here is little to no landrace nor ‘indigenous’ genetics on the island. I would argue over 85/90 % are EU profiles now or the hybrid thereof. Those that are will/ have become licensed / IP - the government / University itself was after licensing the bonifide strains they have sat down. Safe journey.


I would only bring in quality genetics. Yes you can hide them in your luggage just fine. 99% of people telling you you’ll go to jail over seeds has probably never smuggled shit. Never take advice on how to get away with something from someone who has never done it, including the weenies too scared to risk it. Why bring in seeds you ask? Because people like to grow and breed different weed, not everyone is trying to grow the weed you find on the island.

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