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Ayondae's Collections

Some years ago a young lady had real difficulty in finding a particular color purse to match her shoe, after being in and out of many stores she decided to buy the fabric and make the purse herself! She got many "ooos" and "aaaahs" at the event about her purse. Some weeks later after many requests to "make one like that for me" she was encouraged to start making purses as a business. Today that business is known as Ayondae's Collections...... I was that young lady. Having graduated with honors in Clothing and Textiles, I found great passion and calm in sewing. It allows me to express my creativity in the most beautiful ways, and just like that, my love and passion for sewing grew with every item I produce. Over the years, I've gained extensive training, in Business Development, Sewing, The Creative Industry and of course the Arts. The name Ayondae is a spin off one of my middle names and the name used to create my first email address at the young age of 15. If someone had told me back then, that it would become my business name I would have probably laughed it off. So here I am , some many years later, creating amazing pieces with my talent and passion. -----Asheka Headley, Founder/Owner/Designer.