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Jamaica Turbo Repair Servs Ltd

Jamaica Turbo Repair Services (JTRS) will provide an opportunity for savings on each turbo unit repaired or purchased. In the Caribbean, it is common for people who use turbo accessories and turbo engines to require trained technicians in the United States or in England for repairs and upgrades, which can be very expensive. The average market cost to repair a turbo, depending on size, ranges from $170,000 to $350,000. Why pay shipping and handling twice and wait for weeks? We have knowledge of turbo units and experience repairing them. Our suppliers have mastered the art of designing and manufacturing auto parts, and accessories, through advanced technology. Consequently, the products are efficient, effective and durable. At the JTRS, we use genuine parts at affordable prices for all repair jobs. The company will not compromise on quality and durability for aftermarket or low-grade parts and accessories. We are able to maintain our service standard and level of supply through an ongoing arrangement with the best suppliers, who are ready to fill our orders and offer substantial discounts, which are passed down to our customers. We also supply industrial generators for brands such as JCB Broadcrown, FG Wilson and Arc. These industrial generators are high quality, dependable and competitively priced. 7KVA to 30MVA units are available in open and closed configuration. We now offer VSR balancing, electronic actuator and reprograming for turbo chargers. Call or visit us today!

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