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Bowla's Motoring World

Bowla's Motoring World is a family-owned business with 32 years of professional experience in the field. When you think of BMW Car, think Bowla's Motoring World. We specialise in and stock a wide range of BMW parts and accessories, both new and used, from the oldest to the newest BMW, that being the E series, F series and G series. We do special orders for left-hand and right-hand drive BMWs. Our services also extend to importation from Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom for all makes and models of vehicles, especially European cars, and commercial vehicles. We realise that the service and care of your BMW is important to you, and that is why we keep up to date with the latest news, technology, and service parts. Call and schedule your visit today and stop by our car sales and car parts department. We are here to service you!

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