travel Valley Hikes


This attraction is suited to visitors with a sense of adventure as it promotes respect for the scenic views of the natural environment located in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. All trails have been chosen for their unusual beauty and history. The excursions include visits to the Valley communities to meet descendants of Nanny of the Maroons, Jamaica's only national heroine and observations beneath a forested canopy that is home to many endemic bird species as well as the swallowtail butterfly. Valley Hikes also works to promote environmental conservation by organizing special training for trail guides, sponsoring clean–up activities and environmental awareness programs:


  • Darley Trail: This four hour hike over medium grade begins at Berridale and crosses the Rio Grande via raft, then on to Say River, following its course and passing three waterfalls.


  • Stanton Trail: This three to four hour hike of easy to medium grade offers the choice of two loop trails. Trails begin at Stanton and both offer a panoramic view of the Rio Grande.


  • Plantation Trails: These two to four hour hikes of moderate grade also offer two options. The long hike starts at Premiers Bananas and takes the Golden Vale route. On this hike, you meet at the end of a teak-lined walk and travel through banana and coffee plantations. The shorter hike is a loop trail that starts in Berridale and includes a tour of a local farm and plantation.


  • Bird Watching Trails: Valley Hikes offers several hikes along different trails of easy to medium difficulty.