About Brawta List

The Rio Grande is one of Jamaica’s largest rivers coming from an elevation of 3,000 feet in the Blue Mountains. The river has been used in the past to transport bananas and others produce via rafts from the interior of the island to the coast. Rafting was said to be popularized by Hollywood star Errol Flynn in the 1950’s who made Port Antonio his home.

Aboard a 20ft bamboo river raft, 2 people can be seated on a little-elevated platform at the rear of the raft whilst the guide stands at the front guiding the craft down the river using a pole. The three-hour journey will take you down this beautiful, slow-moving, clean and clear river for an adventure – under towering bamboo arches, past fern–shrouded groves, over rippling shoals and through a narrow passageway of moss-covered stone known as Lovers Rock. It is one of the most peaceful and relaxing experiences you can have while in Portland; Rio Grande rafting provides gorgeous and scenic views of Jamaica’s interior. While rafting, you can also go swimming, eat lunch, or just relax on the banks of the river.