About Brawta List

This valley is nestled deep in rural Jamaica amidst the backdrop of the spectacular Blue Mountains; Jamaica’s Highest Mountain Range. Descending from the mountain mist forest at 4,000 feet above sea level to the traditional fishing seaport of Buff Bay, travelers along the Valley find themselves escorted by the meandering Buff Bay River, numerous cascading roadside waterfalls, and magnificent postcard panoramas.


On and off the beaten path are nature trails with lush vegetation much of it endemic to the island, caves, more waterfalls, historical buildings, agricultural displays and demonstration facilities and well preserved Maroon traditions. The districts that make up the Buff Bay Valley are direct descendants of our slavery past and in particular, the resistance movement championed by the Maroons.


The Buff Bay Valley intends to offer World Class standards of service targeted at ethical travelers who travel with a conscience, appreciate Green Tourism and enjoy and healthy lifestyle. In return, it offers five package tours, four supporting facilities, and over 35 different sites.