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Boston Beach is one of the most fun, unique beaches in the Port Antonio area as it is one of the few surfable waters on the island. It is small cove nestled in between cliffs between Long Bay and Port Antonio and is well known around Jamaica and beyond for the area’s Jerk Pits and for surfing. There are surfboards and other water equipment for rental, as well as lessons available for surfing, windsurfing, and snorkeling.


It is a local hotspot, with numerous Jerk Pits and bars where you can dine and enjoy music from the locals. This attraction is great for picnics and other family outings.


Around 1870 traders from Boston, Massachusetts began transporting Bananas from Portland, Jamaica to Boston for sale. The Boston Fruit Company was established and the area experienced an economic boom. Eventually, the company would merge with others and become the United Fruit Company which would go on to dominate the banana trade in the Caribbean and Latin America. The United Fruit Company would eventually become United Brands in the 1970s and eventually be bought by Del Monte Corporations. The beach itself was donated to the Jamaican Government by the author Robin Moore.