About Brawta List

The Blue Mountain Wilderness Retreat (BMWR) situated 2,000 ft. above sea level in the magnificent Blue Mountains and is located near to the coffee growing mountain village of Bangor Ridge, d. Just 25 minutes drive from Jamaica's north coast; a 1.0 km. hiking trail from the village square through the forest leads to this rustic but comfortable retreat. The site offers services/facilities that include: guided tours, catered meals, cabin dormitory, tenting (tents/sleeping bags and airbeds, an) equipped kitchen, showers and restrooms. The Blue Mountain Wilderness Retreat and Camp Site is perhaps Jamaica's only true wilderness accommodation for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.


The Retreat consists of two separate campsites; the Grand Ridge View and the Bamboo Grove. The Grand Ridge View campsite boasts panoramic views of the Blue Mountain Range and adjoining valleys and hills. On this site is the Jamaica House Cabin. The Bamboo Grove campsite is cozily tucked away beneath the arches of the surrounding bamboo forest. The Blue Mountain Wilderness Retreat and Camp Site offer a holistic experience of being in a place that is secluded but safe, peaceful but not boring, rustic yet comfortable, and remote but still easily accessible.