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Blue Mountain Peak is the 6th highest mountain in the Caribbean at 7403 ft (2500 m). The hike to the peak of the Blue Mountain should be on the to-do list of every visitor to Jamaica. The track is well marked and not too steep, but it is a long walk and people who are less than fit might find it difficult.  


The hike from Whitfield Hall to the peak is circa 10km (six miles) and involves a 1000m (3000ft) gain in elevation. Done at a brisk pace, the summit can be reached in about two and half hours, although a leisurely stroll with frequent stops for photos and food can take twice that. A round trip of between five to eight hours is normal.  On the hike, the trail passes through Portland Gap, where there is a ranger station. As the trail ascends high into the mountains, it is fascinating to observe the changing vegetation – the Elfin Wood near the peak is a magical place.