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Pleasers-Teasers Boutique

Tucked away in the heart of Springs Plaza, Pleasers-Teasers Boutique is a lingerie and adult novelty store that above all else, seeks to create a space where customers can feel confident exploring their intimate desires. With your privacy and comfort as our number one priority, we pride ourselves on maintaining an open-minded and non-judgmental atmosphere where customers can let their guard down and release their inhibitions. Catering to both men and women alike, we carry a wide variety of adult toys, accessories and related novelty items suited for personalities, preferences and occasions of all kinds. Our clothing selection, in particular, is the embodiment of sexy and allows our customers to fully embrace their most sensual selves. From racy costumes and sultry lingerie to decadent sleepwear and underwear sets, all our pieces perfectly represent the true essence of self-indulgence.

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