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Kerwin D. Hamil (KDH) Chartered Accountants

At Kerwin D Hamil (KDH) Chartered Accountants, we believe that integrity, hard work, ingenuity, and knowledge are some of the key ingredients to success. Our aim is to be more than just your accountants or bookkeepers. We want to be your professional partners, advisors, mentors, and facilitators. We provide boutique accounting and full-service consulting, plus several value-added services to our clients, when needed, at no additional costs. Some of our main services include bookkeeping and accounting, consulting, assurance services, taxation, and training. Our principal objective is to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations. Give us a call today for a consultation or to discuss your accounting needs. Our team of chartered accountants possess the requisite knowledge, skills, experience, and attributes to help you navigate any difficulties you may be experiencing

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